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Equipment: TQC Automatic Film Applicator
Equipment Type: Instrument -> Test Instrument
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Post Time: 2018-02-28
Main Features: Automatic test chart clamp Test charts are fixed automatically (when no vacuum bed is used) and also released automatically when the process is finished. This eliminates two steps in the process and the operator does not need to bend over the machine to reach for a clamp. Easy to clean ultra plane glass bed Easy to clean ultra plane glass bed with models AB3120 and AB3125 Vacuum bed with built in vacuum pump Vacuum bed with built in vacuum pump with models AB3220, AB3225, AB3320 and AB3325. Complete with 2 electronically controlled vacuum area’s of DIN A3 and DIN A4* size. *A4 only for AB3220 and AB3225. Removable bed for easy cleaning and maintenance The open structure of the back of the vacuum bed ensures the vacuum holes can be cleaned at all times. Automatic bar coaters storage device This positions the bar coaters on a holder at the end of the test chart. The traverse will retract automatically after the application of the film. This eliminates another two steps in the process and generates important time savings. Flexible The machine is suitable for all types of applicators. Set-up of length and speed is adjustable in any way the operator chooses while a pre-ion of popular settings is programmed for quick setup. Wide speed range Wide speed range of 2 to 500 mm/sec. Extensive operator safety features Besides an emergency stop button the machine is equipped with intelligent hand-detectors at the side which will stop the machine immediately when body parts are in immediate proximity of the moving traverse. TQC automatic film applicators comply with directive 2006/42/EG on machinery. Solid support feet Extremely robust adjustable feet that guarantee a stable position of the machine to prevent external disturbances. Menu driven All settings are made digitally through the multi-lingual menu-driven human interface that offers an intuitive operation using a convenient jog/dial switch. This eliminates the use of a manual. Operator orientation saves counter space Display and buttons are located on the short side of the applicator. Illuminated To illuminate the working area a flexible light of 5W warm white LED’s is standard supplied.
Usage: When using the glass plate position the test chart or foil totally to the rear and automatic clamping device. When using the vacuum suction plate position the test chart totally to the rear and let the chart or foil suck in for some seconds. Install and fix the tool carrier and the appropriate film applicator. For film application a suitable flat and even base, the glass plate or the vacuum suction plate, as well as a suitable to use type applicator is necessary. Start the instrument following the steps listed in Section 8
Description: The TQC Automatic film applicator provides a reliable basis to apply coating films to test charts, panels or foils in a uniform and reproducible way in order to eliminate variations caused by human factors. Variations in speed, pressure and direction of draw down cause irregularities. Other factors that may influence the result are the shear rate and the weight of the applicator. With the TQC Automatic film applicator these variable factors are being stabilised. Over the complete surface the film thickness is even. Samples d with the TQC Automatic film applicator are reproducible. It’s possible to produce a large number of identical laboratory precision draw downs in a short period of time. The quality of the applied film is important for research on rheological properties of the applied media. To prepare samples for testing rheological properties, abrasion resistance, hiding power and gloss the TQC Automatic film applicator is a must have. Multiple types of automatic film applicators are available for either glass/paper/metal substrates or foils. All models can be used in combination with either standard block type film applicators such as bird/baker models, or spiral bar type film applicators (wire wound rod type) depending on the configuration chosen.
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